Leadership, Community Engagement & Philanthropy


leadership development

In order to develop Leadership skills, the Sisterhood provides skill building workshops, trainings and events. Reviving Sisterhood leverages local female scholars and professionals to provide skills based learning activities, as well as invite national female scholars for speaking engagements. The Sisterhood's platform gives local female leaders a venue to speak, teach and share.


community engagement

By focusing on leadership development, Reviving Sisterhood will increase community involvement and civic engagement of Muslim women. From registering to vote to running for office, many opportunities exist to participate in the political process. Election judges, serving on boards and commissions, caucusing, creating policy change, working on issues, and volunteering in your city are just a few examples of how to engage. 

Community involvement includes your city or neighborhood and your faith community. Reviving Sisterhood is partnering with local organizations on national campaigns to increase the female voice and leadership in the Masjids. 



As women increase their participation in the public sector and become part of the conversation on creating solutions to the issues their community faces, Reviving Sisterhood will help shift the donor mindset to a more philanthropic perspective. Together, as a community of change-makers, sustainable approaches to social justice and equity will establish a legacy of societal benefits.