Sample Resolution #1

WHEREAS, More Minnesotans die annually from gun violence than from opioid abuse.

WHEREAS, Gun violence is a public health crisis that kills more than 400 Minnesotans every year and injures over 500 others;

WHEREAS, Minnesotans, including hunters and other gun owners, overwhelmingly support keeping guns out of the hands of those who represent a danger to themselves or others;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the _________ Party of Minnesota commit to blocking any and all attempts to weaken Minnesota’s gun laws and stand opposed to dangerous gun bills, including Stand Your Ground, Permittless Carry, Lifetime Permit to Carry, Campus Carry, and the repeal of gun-free school zones.


Sample Resolution #2

WHEREAS, every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted;

WHEREAS, every 8 minutes a child is sexually assaulted;

WHEREAS, 1 in 6 American women has been raped or been the victim of an attempted rape in her lifetime;

WHEREAS, only 6 in every 1000 perpetrators end up with any prison time;

BE IT RESOLVED that the ________ Party of MN supports the elimination of the statute of limitations to report incidents of sexual assault or rape.


Sample Resolution #3

WHEREAS, mosques, synagogues, and religious burial grounds or cemeteries have been the targets of bias-motivated crimes;

WHEREAS, property hate crimes are currently not treated as such, but rather as simple property crimes rather than hate crimes;

WHEREAS, Minnesotans deserve to feel safe in their places of worship;

BE IT RESOLVED that the ______ Party of MN recognizes bias-motivated property crimes as a danger to our communities, and hope to see the Legislature take a stand against perpetrators of hate crimes.


WHEREAS, the ____ Party supports all members of our PARTY  including refugees, immigrants, Muslims and all who may be targeted because of their ethnicity, race or religion; and

WHEREAS, many of our party’s members are from diverse backgrounds and Minnesota has been enriched economically and culturally with each wave of immigrants and refugees; and

WHEREAS, the diversity of our party makes a rich and beautiful tapestry where all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color or religion; and

WHEREAS, the ____ Party’s Core Values include:

  • We believe that everyone has equal intrinsic value,

  • We believe that diversity enriches the party and the platform

  • We believe that when a party and a platform supports all its members, it thrives; and

WHEREAS, the ____ Party’s continues to act as a voice for the people of our state, and to encourage all citizens to become politically active in their communities.

WHEREAS, all Minnesotans deserve to live in a safe environment free of hate and discrimination; and

WHEREAS, refugees, immigrants and Muslims contribute every day to the success of the United States of America and Minnesota as elected officials, U.S. military personnel, police officers, doctors, caregivers, teachers, business owners, volunteers, and in many other roles; and

WHEREAS, our nation’s founding documents emphasize freedom of religion as one of our nation’s fundamental legal and ethical principles. Members of all faiths, religions, races, and backgrounds in our community are welcome in our party, and have the same right to religious freedom as any other person; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota finds the anti‐refugee, anti‐immigrant and anti‐Muslim rhetoric and hate violence to be against American principles of religious freedom and contrary to the vision we hold as a nation that welcomes all people; and

WHEREAS, we, as a major political party of Minnesota, have a special responsibility not to stay silent in the face of discrimination and hate violence against any of our constituents.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the ____ Party strives to be a united and welcoming party and platform strengthened by the extraordinary diversity of our members. We stand against division, bigotry, hate, and fear. We do not tolerate discrimination, hate speech or violent acts committed against any individual or community. We will advocate for the civil and human rights, freedoms and interests of all of the members of our party, regardless of skin color, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, country of origin, sexual orientation, lifestyle preference, economic status or any other identity.