Silver Linings- Rising Above the Storm


Saturday, August 20, 2016
7:00pm  10:00pm

Willey Hall
225 19th Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN, 55455

Our darkest hour is inevitable...

...And when it comes...

...Will you recognize the exit signs?

For some of us, hardships seem to hit back to back. And for others, it gets so dark we don't even notice. And yet, others have fallen to such a spiritual low, even feeling disconnected from our creator... And that's the scariest type of all. 

"Be patient," is definitely easier said than done. Everyone knows at a logical level what should be done to pull through a moment of difficulty. Yet, when we're in the heart of darkness, hollow pieces of advice is the last thing we want to hear. And that's when we drift into isolation, spiraling into the darkness.

So how do we find our  way out?

Join us for this exclusive evening