Need Ideas on How to Make LYMN Your Own? Consult our list of ideas & brainstorm your own!

Ask yourself: What does my community need? Who among my closest neighbors need my skills, smiles or support? How might I be of service right now - today - in a way that makes sense for me?

Make Love Your Muslim Neighbor Your Own!


By Yourself

  • Mow Your Neighbors' Lawns
  • Buy Coffee for the Car Behind You in the Drive-Thru
  • Do Something Helpful for a Local Business Owner
  • Weed a Neighbor's Yard
  • Offer Free Babysitting on Your Neighborhood Page


With your Family & Friends

  • College Students: Offer Babysitting to Student Parents
  • Surprise Your Neighbors with Ramadan Gift Baskets
  • Welcome Your Classmates to the First Day of Ramadan with Pink Roses
  • Host a Block Cleanup
  • Pick Up Another Table's Tab While You Are Out For Dinner
  • Spend time with elderly neighbors.

With a group

  • MSAs: Drop off care packages at our Local Fraternities &  Sororities During Finals
  • Bag Groceries for an Afternoon at Your Local Grocery Store
  • Throw an End of Year Party for Teachers at Your Kids School
  • Crash a Fundraiser in Pink Kufis or Hijabs
  • Paint a Mural in Your Community
  • Feed the Hungry or Homeless
  • Drop Off Feminine Hygiene Supplies at a Local Women's Shelter
  • Support Your Homeless Neighbors with Weather Appropriate Gifts