Muslim Women's Giving Circle

Did you know:

  •  According to Power of the Purse, "Women hold 50% of the wealth in the United States"
  • In Islam, the money that women inherit belongs to women.
  • Our financial power is rooted in our faith
  • Women influence how much and who to donate to during Ramadan
  • We have influence, and, therefore, we have a form of power
  • There is a disconnect between women’s abilities and what they want to do in terms of financial confidence and understanding. So let's bridge that gap!

what is a giving circle?

According to Wikipedia, "a giving circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate their own money or time to a pooled fund, decide together where to give these away to charity or  and, in doing so, seek to increase their awareness of and engagement in the issues covered by the charity or community project. Many circles, in addition to donating their money, also contribute their time and skills to support local causes."

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Giving circles are a part of our culture

Check out Executive Director Nausheena Hussain's blog, Giving Circle: New Model or New Name? She did research uncovering how the giving circle model has existed in many of communities passed down from generation to generation. 


Pilot program

In November 2017, five sisters came together and participated in activities to share meaningful contributions and Islamic values, understand what issues Muslim women are facing in the community, and determine what organizations are addressing those issues. After crafting a mission statement, the sisters  voted on which organization they want to grant their pooled funds to. Gems of Light was chosen as the awardee. The sisters want to see the funds being utilized towards strengthening infrastructure ex. better organization, strategic planning, and/or marketing.

Our next gathering is on August 5, 2018 from 9:00-12:00pm. $100.00 to participate and the entire amount is donated to a nonprofit the group selects.