Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, called on us to serve our local neighbors irrespective of religious identity.  He also reminded us that 'even a smile is sadaqah.' With our messenger's words and generous example as a guide, it's our time to re-commit to all kinds of sadaqah towards all our neighbors, sharing random acts of generosity and a simple message: "Love, Your Muslim Neighbor." Why?

Because we must respond to hate with love.
Because Muslim giving is powerful.
Because no person ever became poor by giving.

How It Works:

Think About: Where are unexpected spaces or places we can spread kindness and generosity? How might we surprise and delight our neighbors and community on a daily basis?

Maybe a group of you makes bag lunches and distributes them to the homeless, sharing a note and our logo inside the brown bag.
Maybe you decide to keep a stack of our note cards in your car, and you pay for your neighbor's coffee or gas.
Maybe your son or daughter mows your neighbor's lawn for free and leaves a note in their mailbox.

The possibilities are endless. Plan something big in a group, or do something small daily on your own. We can share the same message in millions of ways. Spread sadaqah today starting today.

Use our template. Personalize your greeting.

Download our printable card here: (free)
Buy a stack of 20 and we'll ship them overnight: ($15)

Being a charitable and generous neighbor in America is more important today then it ever has been.