board member: givemn

The mission of GiveMN is to ignite generosity and grow giving. Using creative ideas and innovative technology, they connect more people with more causes than ever before.

GiveMN is looking for board members who represent the communities that the organization serves — people of color, people from small or community-based nonprofits, and people under 30 or over 65. They also need board members with knowledge or experience in finance, legal, and audit.

For more information, please contact Meghan McInerny at

Board member: still kickin

Still Kickin is a retail-based organization that helps awesome people going through awful things. Each month, they choose a deserving person, family, or organization — a Still Kickin Hero — and provide financial support. Still Kickin is building a braver, more supportive world — one shirt, one workout, one person at a time.

Still Kickin is looking to add members to their fast-growing and fun board.

For more information, please contact Meghan McInerny at