Census 2020


What is the Census?

Every 10 years, the Census Bureau surveys the public to get an accurate count of all those residing in the United States. This data ensures that resources are allocated correctly and that Americans, from all walks of life, are fairly represented. Much of these resources include billions in federal funding that is allocated to schools, programs, and public services. The Census is also key in politics as it helps control how many seats each state has in the House of Representatives and is important to defining electoral power.

The Census & The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is committed to representing and reclaiming the power of Muslim women, and we see a complete and accurate count in the 2020 Census as critical to this work. Although the census does not track religious affiliation, we know that the Minnesotan Muslim population is largely Black and Brown, identifying with communities of color that are historically undercounted. When our communities are fully counted, we will begin to see an accurate representation of the changing landscape of the United States — and we will gain the political tools to self-advocate at all levels of government.

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how to get involved

It's going to take all of us to ensure a successful Census 2020. Join the Sisterhood in making sure that our community’s census count is fair and accurate. Be part of the count by completing your census survey in April!

  1. Commit to Be Counted: Complete a short commitment survey and you’ll be sent a text or email reminder on Census Day!

  2. Sign up for our Census 2020 mailing list to receive the latest census news by email or text.

  3. Follow the Minnesota State Demographic Center on Twitter for more information and updates, and check out the #WeCountMN hashtag while you're there.

  4. Work for the Census: Census jobs are a great way to earn some extra income and help your community. There are a variety of job opportunities, many of them part-time. Even if you already have a job, check out the Minnesota census jobs page and consider applying today.


A Changing Landscape: Why Your Count Matters for the 2020 Census

by khadra ahmed

“As a visibly Black Muslim, I am often sticking out like a sore thumb, and I feel that being represented via statistics is powerful in numerous ways. The landscape of what it means to be American is changing, and this census can be the one to validate that truth.”

Census FAQ

Do you have questions about the 2020 Census? Check out our FAQ page to address any of your lingering concerns. If you have additional questions that have not been answered, send us a message at contact@revivingsisterhood.org.


Additional Resources


Do you need reliable resources about the 2020 Census? Check out these links and learn more about the census timeline and process.

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