Get to Know Our Sheroes

The Sisterhood is proud to kick off our Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota series- a project to amplify girls and women in our community who aren't waiting for permission to change the world. The Sisterhood defines a "Shero" as a female trailblazer who is creating change in her community. She takes risks, she challenges misconceptions and addresses injustices. Sheroes are on a mission to build a better world, and the Sisterhood is here to support them and lift their voices. 

A Shero doesn't necessarily have a title or is a head of an organization. She isn't necessarily older or famous. And, her life's work and her contribution might just be beginning. But, her journey is in progress, and sometimes her struggle is like yours and mine: she’s finding her place, using her voice and seeking to be a better version of herself each day. Like any team member, she shows up and works hard. She faces obstacles. When she falls, she gets back up. And she never lets stereotypes tell her who she can and cannot be. 

A shero's effort and her ordinary life can have an extraordinary impact on her community. And it's even more beautiful when she works together with other teammates to achieve her goals.