Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota Podcast Episode 3:
Faryal Khan


Meet Faryal Khan. Her family immigrated from Pakistan for a chance at higher education and to break glass ceilings. She runs the Emergency Assistance program at Building Blocks of Islam which alleviates the financial burden of numerous families and individuals every year in need. She's a busy mom, understands self-care and the value of our owning your narrative. As she's working on her Master's degree to be a marriage family therapist, she's starting the conversation on sexuality in the Muslim community. It's uncomfortable, funny, but absolutely necessary.  

Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota Podcast Episode 2:
Nimo Ahmed


As a social worker and healthcare advocate, Nimo Ahmed works to enrich the lives of disabled African people. She’s packed bandages, beds and dialysis machines into a “hospital-in-a-box” and shipped it off to Mogadishu. She works hard in connecting resources in transportation, workforce development, and education to bridge the equity gap people with disabilities face.

Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota Podcast Episode 1: Sumera Islam


From Karachi to Nigeria to California, Sumera Islam calls Minnesota home. Her day job as a Senior Financial Analyst at a Fortune 500 company doesn't stop her from community activism and her busy family life. She volunteers at a women's prison, serves on the board of her children's school, and started up a local interfaith book club. Listen to how this Shero continues to create positive change in her community.