What is a caucus? The concept of caucus was very unfamiliar to many voters. The word itself was confusing, the process vague, and the outcomes unsure. In order to demystify the elusive and ambiguous civic duty, RISE hosted a bipartisan training to help voters understand the logistics, expectations, find their precinct, how to write and propose resolutions, and how to become delegates.

Carol Woehrer from Think Again Brooklyns led the training. Jim Abler from the GOP started the training off by explaining the organization of politics in Minnesota, defining precinct, senate, and congregational districts. He also provided an overview of what is covered at the caucuses and conventions as well as common framework by both parties. Hollies Winston from the DFL explained the who, what, where, and why of the caucus and provided specifics on what exactly happens at the caucus. Carol wrapped things up with importance of understanding public policies and how to create resolutions for the party’s platform. 

Armed with the knowledge and understanding of caucus, community members set out with their actions plans and went out to caucus!